Monday, October 18, 2010


The Perlis Motorsports Club, as our  commitment to give the  motor sports enthusiast in the northern region the chances to get involve in a proper motor sports event. Our objective is trying to bring as much youngsters into a motor sports and educated them in a proper way of racing and self development. As for this we have started an event call "KEDAH  CHALLENGE" which only for club members and who wanted to join this event  must apply to the Perlis Motorsports Club to be a registered member. The Kedah Challenge 2010 Rd 1 was held at the International Karting Circuit University Utara Malaysia. This event being patronage by the Yayasan Sultaniah Bahiyah and promoted by the Promax Racing Motorsports and organized by Perlis Motorsports Club. The race event was, Open Cub Prix, Series Production Cub Prix and FR125 Open Go Kart.

 always rely on them......they,  who make it happen..Thanks mannn

They come all the way from Thailand

Competitors Briefing

Go Kart Open 125

Youngest Competitor and finish 1st ! in Cub Prix 130 Series Production

The winner of Go Kart race 


We would like to invite motorsports enthusiast to join our club as a member. Who ever you are, and wanted to join us please download the membership form above and fill it up and please email it to -

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